Friday, May 13, 2005

A brief update

Much more on shows and a backlog of photos to come, but first, as an overview, here is a synopsis of the last week and a half of my life in 20 lines or less (or close to it):

I gave myself 39 hours to drive from LA to Chicago. It takes about 32 hours to get to Chicago from LA. You do the math. 26 hours in one stretch. . . I felt tough, but I was also seeing spots by Saturday nights show.

Last night - night four in Chicago - was by far the best night of the tour so far, a lot of fun, lots of new sign ups, and the band sounded by far the best they have yet. Was way into "Until the End of the World" being thrown in and ending with "Bad". And I actually got time to see part of the set.

Unfortunately, at nights end, I took out a sizeable chuck of my palm taking down one of our banner stands. I'll have pictures up soon. Just looking for a little pity...

Carlos made eat at McDonalds tonight. It was the first time I have eaten at McDonalds in like a gazillion years. If you don't eat meat, the selection is limited, yet still amazingly disgusting.

Chicago is cold and reminds me of why I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life.

I can spend my life living out of suitcase, but right now I really miss my ice blended mocha at my little coffee shop in Long Beach. (

I think the heater in my hotel room in here in Chicago might be giving me a slight case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Can one get a "slight case" of carbon monoxide poisoning? Time will tell I suppose...

The One Campaign is out of control in Chicago! Everyone here seems to be part Irish and loves U2 and the Campaign. We have gone through more of our white ONE bands than in any other city, and we are signing up 2,000 people a night and we have had lot's and lot's of people express interest in taking the campaign to their own communities, which is exactly what we need!

That is the brief overview, more updates and photo's soon....

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