Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Vertigo Night #26

Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.
I can't believe we are down to the last two dates of the spring leg of the Vertigo tour. You can tell we are nearing the end of the tour though, as things are falling apart: our hand carts are loosing their wheels, screws are falling out of our tables each day, our banners have seen better days, and myself and my staff are covered in bruises - tell tell signs in my experiences that a tour is nearing its end! It's been an insane four month period of preparing and touring, but worth all the effort. We have signed up over twice the amount of people we were hoping to, have gotten over 50,000 white bands distributed and hopefully have inspired people to take the message of the ONE Campaign into their own communities. I'm ready for a break - a remarkably short break as we'll be back on the road all summer - but am already looking forward to the fall leg of this tour and getting even more people involved with the campaign. I CAN safely say, however, that I can probably go most of the summer without hearing 'Vertigo' as it is very much so ingrained in my brain at this point...

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