Thursday, June 30, 2005

On the road to Live 8 for the ONE Campaign

desert highway
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Thursday morning and we are somewhere in New Mexico...Our truck is loaded and we are on the road, heading out to Philadelphia to do outreach for our partner the ONE Campaign at this Saturday's Live 8 event! If you are coming to Live 8, be sure to stop by one of the ONE Campaign booths to say 'hi', sign the Declaration and get the white band. And don't forget: Pres Bush is getting on a plane today for Scotland, so please, sign the letter to President Bush and ask for his support in a debt-aid-trade deal for the world's poorest. See you Saturday!

PS: be sure you check out the new One blog on the ONE Campaign website.


check back here for regular updates as Lokahi joins up with the Dave Matthews Band Tour next week and goes punk rock for the fourth summer in a row on the VANS Warped Tour. We're excited to be working with the ONE Campaign, CARE International, Oxfam and DATA this summer - getting the word out about poverty, debt, AIDS, fair trade and what you can do to make a difference.

Friday, June 24, 2005

See you at Live 8...

ONE booth
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Lokahi is proud to be taking part in next Saturday's Live 8 event! We'll be partnering with the One Campaign again, managing a sizable booth and crew of volunteers, gathering lots of support for the campaign and also distributing more of the white bands. Watch for more info to come soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sign the Letter to President Bush

Sign Up
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As our materials for the upcoming Live 8 concert read, on July 6th, 8 men in 1 room have the power to stop 30,000 children a day from dying from extreme poverty around the globe. The ONE Campaign is asking supporters to sign a letter and send it to President Bush, asking his support for 100% debt cancellation, to fight poverty and AIDS and for fair trade when he attends the G8 next month. Take a second and hit the link to send a letter online, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Thanks.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

ONE Shirts are now available!

Hundreds of people asked us about them during the course of the U2 tour, and we are excited to say that the ONE shirts are now available! Get your own ONE SHIRT like the those worn here by ONE Campaign volunteers, Dan Coleron and Sarah Zipkin, and show your support in the campaign to Make Poverty History. You can also order more white bands to help spread the word about the campaign as well.

New ACLU Members

New ACLU Members
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Two new ACLU members that joined the organization with us at Christopher Street West in Los Angeles last weekend.

ACLU Outreach

ACLU Outreach
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Lokahi's Behailu talks to ACLU supporters at LA Pride this past weekend. We handed out lots of literature and got lots of people to join and show their support for the organization over the two day event.

AIDS Life Cycle Outreach

AIDS Life Cycle Outreach
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Lokahi's Dave talks to people about registering to ride in the 2006 AIDS Life Cycle. Our outreach efforts this past weekend will help the organization as they work to register people throughout the upcoming year to participate in the 2006 ride.

AIDS Life Cycle Booth at LA PRIDE

Our outreach last weekend at LA Pride also marked our first collaboration with AIDS Life Cycle. Aids Life Cycle is about increasing awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among participants, their donors and the general public, while also raising funds to benefit those that need them. The cycling event, which goes from San Francisco to Los Angeles over six days, also addresses the widespread misperception that HIV disease and AIDS are no longer a problem -- in fact more people are living with HIV & AIDS today than ever before, which means a much greater need for services.

We had a lot of fun working with the organization this past week, doing outreach for them and setting up a table at Christopher Street West. We were also excited to incorporate bike wheels into our displays for the first time in our history!

Joining the ACLU of Southern California

Some of the 60 plus people we signed up for ACLU membership last weekend at Christopher Street West. We have recruited over 5,000 new members for the ACLU of Southern California since we began collaborating with the organization over three years ago.

ACLU Booth at Christopher Street West

ACLU Booth
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In addition to our concert outreach efforts, Lokahi is also involved with other events to help ensure that the organizations we collaborate with are able to build support for their work. This past weekend, we took part for the 4th time with Christopher Street West and the Los Angeles Pride event. We set up booths and tables for two of our partner organizations:
the ACLU of Southern California and
AIDS Life Cycle.