Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Volunteering and internships

Hi everyone!

Winter is traditionally our slow time, so sorry for the lack of updates! We've mostly been focused on our after school program and making plans for the year ahead for the past few months.

Wanted to post a quick update though, as we've been getting a TON of emails lately regarding to volunteer opps and internships - thanks to everyone who has contacted us, we really appreciate your support and interest in what we do, and we have added you all to our volunteer/email list.

We are still figuring out our year ahead, so stay tuned for updates, we should have some soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in being added to our volunteer list, check out our Idealist.org listing that explains how it all works:


You can also email us to be added as well.

As far as internships go, we won't know for a few months yet if we'll have any positions available this summer, but we are very much so hoping we can offer a few spots, as they are a great way for young campaigners to learn about grassroots organizing. Again, keep checking back here - we'll post announcements both here and on our myspace page, and will be sending out emails as well.

Thanks again for the support - feel free to hit us up with any questions, ideas et all!