Sunday, July 31, 2005

One Supporters at Randall's Island

One Supporters
Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.
I love Randall's Island - well, I really, really like it, though I definitely don't like the dirt and dust that accompanies it. (And we were on the ‘less dusty side’ today, just wait for our Warped Tour blog from here next week…) I'm still trying to clean up and get rid of the dust that now coats me and everything I own...but I love doing outreach at a concert on an island nestled between Manhattan and Queens, with the New York skyline behind us. And I love working New York shows, one of my other favorite cities.

And I love that our weekend spend 'on the Island with Dave Matthews' gave us two of our best days yet working on the DMB tour this summer - in two days we signed up over 2500 people and went through every last white band we had in our truck, well over 2000! More importantly, we got lots of people, like the Dave fans you see here, involved and inspired to take action with this important campaign.

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