Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pearl Jam in Philly

Wow, Philadelphian's really take their tailgating seriously! There was no shortage of partying going on in the parking lots at Tweeter Center this past weekend, but thankfully it didn't stop Pearl Jam fans from also supporting the ONE Campaign!

We met a lot of very cool ONE supporters this past weekend - it's so great to see how the message of ONE has really started to take root. And Philly holds a special place for the Campaign itself - this is where ONE was kicked off in 2004 and where Live 8 happened last summer. I met a lot of PJ fans that told me they were at the Live 8 show, and the Tweeter Center even has a display of photos from the event. It was pretty easy to explain what ONE is to fans when you could just point at the big Live 8 display across the lobby!

We also got to work with some great volunteers this weekend - in particular a big thanks to Rick Young and Adrienne Lehner. These guys have probably been at more shows with us than any other volunteers in the country, they come out with super short notice, aways rock out when they work and they always help us recruit more volunteers when we are in need! Thanks again to all of our volunteers from this past weekend - we really couldn't make this happen without you, and don't forget, if you are interested in volunteering with us for ONE, click here for more info.

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