Monday, June 12, 2006

We normally don't have the interns push the rental car...

...but we don't usually run out of gas either. Look how HAPPY Intern Haley is to push though - she later told us it was the highlight of her internship thus far, as they don't really have cars in the part of Texas she's from. Watch for profiles of all of our Lokahi summer interns to be posted soon!


sammi said...

Brian is the intern i worked with at Vans WARPED this weekend at The Gorge in eastern washington, and the man is awesome. he and Eric from OXFAM kept everyone focused and busy and stoked, and i believe we garnered well over 800 signatures by day's end. i felt a valued part of a successful team and am pleased with how receptive the kids are when it comes to Making Poverty History.

thanx for the wonderful opportunity and the great memories. surely in time the crowd on here as well as the bands and venues will become more and more familiar to me.

i'm at your disposal. thanx for this wonderful opportunity.

stay close,


Anonymous said...

Hey Brande,
I'm Maureen Didde, the local volunteer coordinator in Kansas City. You probably know Sarah Mueller who organized volunteers for the Dave Matthews Show this summer. I'm trying to plan our fall calendar and wondering if you have any shows coming our way. Let me know. Thanks!

sammi said...

This photo is more amazing to me now. i worked with Haley this weekend at DMB in eastern washington, and she is the tiniest thing! where were the strapping young men?