Monday, April 21, 2008


Lokahi is proud to be working again with our partners at (RED). We are very excited to announce the launch of '(RED) U', a college internship and outreach program that we'll be involved with throughout next year. If you are going to be in school during the 08/09 academic year and are interested in applying, all of the info you need is below.

We look forward to reviewing applications and hearing about all the ways you can turn your campus (RED) next year!

More info on the (RED) U program can be found here.

PS: as always, we'll be also looking for volunteers to help us out on campuses and at other events throughout the year!

Make your campus (RED) next year

In our first year and half, (RED) has raised over 100 million dollars for the Global Fund. This amount could fund lifesaving antiretroviral treatment for more than 630,000 Africans for a year. The potential in what we are doing is huge. And the need is great.

Every day, 4,400 Africans die of AIDS. Of the 33.2 million people infected with AIDS globally, 68% are living in sub-Sahara Africa. More people die of AIDS in Africa every year than in all the other countries in the world combined.

What’s more tragic is that millions are dying unnecessarily. AIDS is a preventable, treatable disease. Two little pills that cost just 40 cents a day can keep people with HIV/AIDS alive.

In Africa, AIDS is a real emergency. We need a radically new approach to help eliminate it. We want you to help us do it.

(RED) is going to be on campuses across the country next year, and we want your help. How can you turn your campus (RED)? We’re looking for unique ideas – the five best concepts will be rewarded with a “(RED) Ambassador” position for the 08/09 school year, a chance to execute your proposal with our help, an opportunity to bring (RED) to your campus community in a meaningful way, and possibly even a trip to Africa.

(RED) U Student Ambassador Program

(RED) is excited to announce the launch of our (RED) Ambassador program for the 08/09 school year. The program is open to college students from any institution in the United States. Ambassadors will be responsible for turning their campus (RED): educating about the crisis of AIDS in Africa, promoting (RED) products and the role they play in fighting this epidemic, building an understanding of what (RED) is and how the (RED) model works, raising awareness about the Global Fund, and getting as many people as possible in your community to choose (RED) when shopping.

We’ll pick five students from campuses across the country later this spring to be our very first (RED) Ambassadors for the 08 – 09 school year. In this year-long commitment, (RED) Ambassadors will be serving in an internship role, getting a ton of hands-on experience with things like planning campaigns, organizing, marketing, event planning, and training volunteers. You’ll receive training and support from the (RED) team who will be your guide throughout the school year. Your training will kick off with a (RED) U weekend in June where you’ll meet some of the (RED) team, learn about our product partners, learn the ins and outs of the (RED) model, the Global Fund and the issues around the AIDS emergency in Africa, and develop a marketing and outreach plan for your campus. This is a great opportunity to expand your leadership skills and utilize your creativity and knowledge of your campus community in an effort to eliminate the AIDS emergency in Africa.


Download the Campus Toolkit by clicking this link or going to the homepage.

Then, check out the Application Instructions for information on how to apply to be a (RED) Ambassador. Be sure to also read the Guidelines, (RED) Talking Points and FAQ’s for all of the specifics that you’ll need for your application.

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