Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creating clean water in Illinois!

By Kelsey Neff, Lokahi's guest campaigner and blogger for the Water = Hope campaign this summer!

We’re back on the road again with the Brad Paisley H2O World Tour, visiting Chicago and Moline, IL last weekend!

Water = Hope support in Chicago

Friday morning greeted us with hot temperatures and even hotter humidity! The severe temperatures didn’t sway you hardcore country fans, or our even more dedicated Water = Hope volunteer crew! We had a great crew of volunteers, starting the day with 12 dedicated do-gooders. We had three sets of best friends and high school students who had volunteered at other shows like this, and who collected an awesome amount of e-mails and donations. We also had Barry, Bob and Betty who went out on their own to talk to people about Water = Hope. Bob was an experienced campaigner who had volunteered at a U2 show a couple years back with the ONE Campaign, and impressed us by raising a lot of money for those wells, working so hard we barely saw him! We also had a best friend duo who worked together at a school and also were on their feet moving for the majority of the night. Everyone did a great job, thanks to all of you for suffering through the heat with us!

Chicago Water = Hope support

We got a great response from fans in Chicago, raising almost three dollars for every e-mail we collected! People were very interested in our goals and wanted to show their support in many ways. We had a couple people from Texas that wanted to volunteer for us when we head that way, and others that grabbed t-shirts for a bunch of their friends and family. The show was fantastic and the crowd was great. Thanks for an awesome night Chicago!

Water = Hope volunteer crew in Moline, IL

In Moline we met Colin and Erica and their friends who were committed to matching the success we had in Chicago, even though we only had a third of the volunteers! They were energetic and passionate about Water = Hope and impressed us with their results. We had a little bit less of a crowd in Moline, but we still got a really good response from Brad Paisley fans. One fan even looked through her phone and signed her whole family up on our e-mail sheet; she said she knew that they would want to support this cause. We also had a lot of fans that stopped by our table and then sent their friends back to sign up. The support we felt in both Chicago and Moline was really great; thanks for a successful first weekend back Illinois!

We’ll be back on the road this weekend as well, hitting up Cleveland and Saratoga.
In August, we’ll be in Texas and Florida; visit the Water = Hope website to learn more and volunteer:

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