Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Boston Night One U2 Volunteer Crew

This is part of the amazing crew of volunteers that helped us get over 1300 people on board with the ONE Campaign!

Equally rewarding for myself and my crew was finding out that several of our volunteers had actually first found out about and joined the campaign by speaking with us at the U2 shows that came through Boston in May. Since then, they have become volunteers that lead events in their own community - meeting people like this team in Boston really makes it worth every long drive/lack of food/lack of sleep day we have on tour, as it's incredibly empowering to think that the interactions we are having with thousands of fans across the country are inspiring people to pick up the torch so to speak and take action on their own.

Anyway, a big thanks again to this amazing crew - both for their job well done and for providing my staff and myself the 'keep on going' inspiration we can always use!

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