Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome to Boston...

Boston U2 fans
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Boston loves U2 and vice versa - was great to be back at the Fleet Center/TD Bankgarden (the name of this place seems to change every week...) after ending the spring leg of the tour here back in May. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood – somehow everyone in Boston is Irish or thinks they are Irish, I saw more Red Sox gear than I have ever seen in my life (including Bono donning a Sox jersey thrown on stage by a fan at one point) and nothing beats a Boston accent, at least in my opinion.

We had a great opening night, getting over 1300 people signed on to support the campaign. Tom Brady (I had to call my dad and ask if he was 'some football guy', I got a very disappointed sigh in response...) and Paul Farmer were there and thanked by Bono for supporting the ONE Campaign. John Kerry was there too, and was also thanked by Bono for his work around AIDS in urban communities. One of our booths was set up next to this DNC display/museum, which was pretty cool, as we had Jimmy Carter standing behind us giving a thumps up – I started telling fans that photo of him was there just for us. I asked if we could actually use Kerry's DNC podium IN our table set up, but the nice staff at the Garden didn't seem to think that would work. Our new guy Josh got yelled at by U2’s merch guy for wearing a Coldplay hoodie (we had to explain to the traumatized Josh that he was only kidding…) but other than that a very ‘Boston’ night all the way around…

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