Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bonnaroo Day #2

Day two at Bonnaroo went well – there are four of us here, and we are staggering our day, so two of us go in early and leave a few hours earlier, the other two come in late and close up, and all of us are here for the key hours. Seems to be working – we’re doing even better than we did last year, talking to lots and lots of people.

Bonnaroo fans join the ONE Campaign

It’s been fun talking to everyone, finding out where they are from, learning about how they know about ONE, or, why they are interested in the issues we are working on. It’s nice to have people be so receptive to the campaign – even if they have never heard of it before, 95% of those we talk to are really into getting involved and really resonate with this idea of helping out the world’s poorest – and holding our leaders accountable in doing just that. There are a few ONE staffers and members of the Product Red team here too, for the show – we put them to work when we can!

Joining ONE at Bonnaroo

Former Intern Brian gave into peer pressure and got a mohawk. Since I’m out of the running, the real question is if Dan will join in…

Former Intern Brian gives into peer preasure and also gets a mohawk...

Dan and Brian also got to see David Cross perform last night. We listen to his comedy albums kinda obsessively when we’re on the road, he’s our anti-hero of sorts, so that was a perk for them. Carlos and I had to hold down the booth, so we didn’t get to go, but I saw part of the Black Key’s and Aesop Rock’s set, which was very cool.

Dust and dirt = everywhere!


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