Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ottawa with Make Poverty History

Ottawa MPH crew
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I almost didn’t make it here – I flew in, tried to leave La Guardia on Thanksgiving, but extreme winds had shut down the airport. Got a flight the next AM, went through customs, got a rental and went straight to the venue. I’m up here to help out the Make Poverty History Campaign – Canada’s equivalent to ONE in the US. It was awesome working with Liz and Janet at the Toronto dates earlier this year, and Ottawa proved to be great as well.

Support for the MPH campaign is growing insanely fast in Canada – I could tell a difference in the level of support and knowledge of the campaign on the part of the fans from when I was last here in September. More and more Canadians are taking part in the campaign, and starting to have a real impact: the MPH banner that was singed by U2 fans all over the country was handed over to the Prime Minister – after being singed by Bono!- recently, and with upcoming elections, Canadians are able to really voice their support for this campaign. You could hear Bono’s frustration with Prime Minister Martin as he discussed the campaign before ONE; Canada really does have the potential and lead the G8 nations in the fight against poverty.

Originally uploaded by Brande Jackson.
It was also very cold in Ottawa. I am starting to understand what is like to live in snow and 8 degree weather. I’m glad I live in Southern California, but Ottawa was very pretty and the people there extremely nice and welcoming…

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