Thursday, November 03, 2005

U2 in Los Angeles

ONE crew night two LA
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My hometown gave us our best days as of yet on this tour – we got over 3000 people to join the ONE Campaign during our two nights in town! Plus, we had some of our LA based Lokahi staff that work on local campaigns come out and join us – was great to work with and see Preston and Sean after being on the road forever, plus we had ‘Lokahi veterans and friends’ Emily and Gauri on the ground helping

Carlos, me and my mom
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And if that wasn’t enough, I even brought my mom and her friend Darcy out. Which isn’t to say I brought my mom out for a free show, she raised me to know through and through that nothing is free, so she was behind the booth all night, actually sold more wristbands than Carlos if I am not mistaken... I let her take a break to watch the show though….my mom, on a side note, is very cool and incredibly supportive of this work – she did a lot of work on Indian reservations when she was younger and has taught all three of her kids about the importance of giving and helping those that need it. She hosts all sorts of cool charitable projects from her antique business. Plus, she is ne of Lokahi’s unspoken tour heroes, always taking in boxes and sending Fed Ex’es off for me when I desperately need something sent out from LA…

We also had back to back nights of amazing volunteers – the before mentioned Lokahi vets, along with our favorite brother and sister team ever, who came up from San Diego to help us out. Met a 7th grader who has been making ONE his class project, saw a bunch of random celebrities I couldn’t quite place, and we got to use the Staples Center kiosk for one of our booths, unfortunately we had to break the news to Arron that it wasn’t going with us. We also got our new hoodies in: as of now, they are a staff only thing –sorry!- but my crew and the DATA staff that spotted us wearing them were very excited about them.

This kid rocked
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Great to be home and have my town ‘represent’ so to speak. LA has this great spirit that lies beneath the freeways and celebrity culture, and it’s always inspiring to see that come out…plus, it wasn’t cold. So good to be back home…the band sounded great – got to hear Crumbs and the ending of People Have the Power, two of my current favorite U2 moments…

White bands
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We are off to Las Vegas in the next day or so – I haven’t done a show in Vegas since I was doing stuff with Greenpeace on the U2 tour in 2001, so we aren’t totally sure what to expect, other than it should be completely insane. It’s never good to have your venue, your hotel room, several bars and a casino all in one place…

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