Thursday, November 10, 2005

U2 in Oakland

Oakland volunteer crew
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So, Arron and I missed our flight to Oakland from Vegas. We got out of driving – ha-ha Carlos and Dan! – and were all excited to get a flight out of town and get into Oakland nice and early to get some work done and otherwise have some down time. It wasn’t really our fault, of course we left the hotel later than we should, but the lines at the Vegas airport are INSANE on a Sunday morning anyway, so it took roughly a million and a half years to get checked in, then when going through security the stupid machine broke so rather than try to fix it or move everyone to a new line, they just did nothing and had us all stand there for a million more years. To make a very long winded story concise, we had to wait five hours to catch a flight to Sacramento, where we had to rent a car then drive to Oakland airport and get our bags and then drive back to the hotel. We DID beat Dan and Carlos who were making an 8 hour drive, but only by about 45 minutes.

U2 night two in Oakland
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On to Oakland: our first night was on the same day as the special election that was being held in the state, and you could tell people were feeling more ‘politically engaged’ than they normally might, and it was cool to see so many ‘I voted’ stickers. We had such a fun crew of volunteers, including Lori and Roberta whom have volunteered at a bunch of shows with us this year and in fact were some of our very first ONE volunteers ever, joining us at the early spring U2 shows this year. Rochelle came up from LA to help and rocked as usual, and it was great to meet other volunteers whom have been active in the bay area.

Signing up
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Lots of sign ups, lots of support and great interactions – it always amazes and inspires me to meet and hear from so many who are taking this campaign and running with it, to see people ‘get it’, suddenly realize the historic nature of what we are doing with this campaign and the potential it has.

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