Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Back to Boston...again!

ONE Volunteer and U2 fans
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By my rough estimations, this is about our six or seventh time through Boston in less than six months this year! Everytime I come here, I think I have it finally navigated, all figured out, but low and behold, construction has changed something else...

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I like working the Fleet Center/Boston Garden a lot as well - I was horrified the first time we came here in May, having images of the DNC and Boston's infamous 'Big Dig' and us having to lug our stuff for miles and miles to load it in, but the venue has proved to be very workable and one of our best spots, and the staff here - especially our man JR who helps us out - is very hospitable AND into the campaign, they seem to all have white bands, probably due to our frequent visits!

ONE Volunteers Boston U2
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No matter how many times we come through this town, we seem to sign up more and more people. This last leg of the year with U2 proved to be the same: we got over 3000 people signed up during our two nights in town, and got to work with yet another awesome crew of volunteers, many of whom work at Oxfam, which is headquartered here, and/or are involved with a very active local ONE chapter.

The chapter is so active, in fact, that Boston has recently been made a City of ONE, part of a growing trend around the country that has local cities and even some states aligning themselves formally with the ONE Campaign. Local ONE volunteer Erin Saif has been active with this, and brought a great blown up poster of the Declaration that we were able to proudly display at our table.

U2 fans and ONE supporters
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Our volunteer crew also consisted of several people that once again had become involved with the campaign after meeting us at another concert earlier this year - once again speaking to the power of this sort of outreach!

Boston volunteer crew
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I'm going to miss Boston - it's one of my favorite tour cities, and I can't wait to get back here doing more ONE Campaign work in 2006.

Boston also represents the 'beggining of the end' of the U2 tour for us; this was our last city of 'two night stands' - from here on out, we go into a city, load in, do the show, and load out the same night - sometimes driving to the next town after load out. Typical touring schedule for most tours, but U2 has spoiled us with a slightly easier touring schedule in regards to doing the same venue for more than one night. It also means we are down to our last 7 or 8 shows for the tour and year - none of us can believe the year has gone by so fast, and that we are nearing the end of an entire year spent on the road with U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews and others!

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