Saturday, December 10, 2005

Buffalo U2

Our snow covered truck
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We had to scrape ice off our car this afternoon to leave for the venue. There are a few things I never though I would have to say, and a few things I thought I would never have to own. “I had to scrape ice off the car’ being one thing I figured I would never say, an ice scraper being something I never thought I’d buy. I am not sure what to do with it once I am back in Long Beach, I am thinking I might use it as some sort of gardening tool…

The venue we were at was really nice - a great layout. We got to set up on both sides of this big entrance. The GA line was below us – Alison had apparently arranged it so that the GA people wouldn’t have to stay out in the million degree below zero weather in Buffalo – and the regular entrance on the opposite side, so pretty much everyone that came in went by our booths.

ONE Volunteer crew Buffalo
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Our volunteers this evening had been coordinated by Joe, a youth pastor in the area. A great mix of college students and even Joe’s high school aged son – who rocked, as a side note! – they helped us get a ton of people signed up and on board with the campaign, and they were a lot of fun to talk with.

Signing the Declaration
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Met a very interesting range of fans tonight – a lot of Canadians, a lot of people new to the campaign since not as much outreach has been done in the Buffalo area as other parts of the country, as well as a lot of people excited about taking ONE back to their own community.

U2 fans joining ONE
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John Lennon was featured prominently again this evening – U2 was in Buffalo 25 years ago when they found out Lennon had died, and like Hartford, Bono was pretty emotional when talking about it, but then launched into one of the most joyful versions of ‘Instant Karma’ they have done yet. I really love that part of the show – it seems to bring a whole new life to Lennon’s lyrics, and makes you appreciate them that much more.

We drove back to our hotel out by the airport post show, and topped off the night with a quick trip to Denny’s and what might have been the first official tour snowball fight as of yet. Only we didn’t have gloves on, so it didn’t last very long. We did win a Christmas reindeer from the arcade game thing for our growing stuffed animal collection we keep in our truck. You have to amuse yourself somehow at 2am at the Denny’s by the Buffalo airport, even if it means playing the game where you try to claw a cheesy stuffed animal…

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