Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No more U2!

This is the longest I had ever spent with any one band - 79 amazing nights. Words really can't express what it was like to get to take part with a campaign like ONE, working on so many amazing tours this year. In particular, my time with U2 stands out above all - incredible fans night after night, a vocal supporter from the stage, and one of the funnest crews I've ever worked with. I'll definately miss this experience!

U2 Crew
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Feels a bit like the day after the last day of school this morning: just sent off Carlos and Dan to the airport with Christmas gifts and other year end wrap up; truck is loaded, last show done, goodbyes to crew members all day yesterday. And now, though there is still a mountain of work ahead – wrap up from this year, reports, bookkeeping, thank you’s, blog updates, and then once that is done, we start planning 2006! - it feels good to sit here, 184 concert dates later, and know that we accomplished something remarkable.

Hung out with Paul for a bit on the floor last night – a very appropriate full circle ending of the year for me. It was Paul and I who worked together devising the initial plans for this tour at this exact time last year, he’s been incredibly supportive throughout the year. In many ways, he’s also the person who could most relate to our experience of going from joining the huge massive operation that is known as the Vertigo Tour without really knowing what to expect or even really what to do back in March – the Campaign was still so new - to ending up with nearly a quarter of a million signatures from concert tours and 184 combined dates at the end of the year. “Well, I guess you pretty much doubled that initial goal we thought was crazy” he said, referencing the fact that a few weeks into Vertigo Spring – when we had maybe 10,000 sign ups at most – I announced that we were going to get the campaign 100,000 names, or account for 10% of the goal of one million sign ups that year. I had all but forgotten about this proclomation I had made, but was glad that he had remember, because at that moment, standing on the floor in the middle of ‘Pride’ watching this band that has come to define our year, it really put everything into perspective for me. “But, so did we, so it evens out, huh?” he joked, as the campaign I now at nearly 2 million. “This year has been insane, but in the best possible way” was all I could think of in reply.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make that happen.

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