Friday, December 16, 2005

U2 in Omaha

ONE Omaha volunteer crew
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Omaha is cold, and with all do respect, Council Bluffs is not a happening place to stay. Overnight drives are never fun either – Carlos and I left the St. Louis show at about 1am, hit the road and drove straight to Omaha. Roadies with a cause is what we are for sure this week…

Kanye West
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Had a great volunteer crew – Mary and Alex have been doing much work on the campaign, and they brought with them a great team of volunteers. Our crew helped us have a great night, got to meet lots of supportive Nebreskan’s, including several people who joined the campaign with Josh and Arron when the guys were here with DMB a few weeks back.

U2 fans signing up
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Another long day of driving today to Salt Lake City lays ahead, but at least we slept in a bed last night and not the uncomfortable passengers seat of a Toyota Tundra…

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