Thursday, August 23, 2007

And then came Sacramento...

Oxfam and ONE volunteers
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It somehow got hotter today. I leave Warped today – going to join the Dave Matthews team as we bring (RED) out for the first time this weekend. Today was a fun day though – we had a great team of Oxfam volunteers join us, and our ONE crew of volunteers did great, even though they neared heat exhaution! Thankfully, years of doing work on Warped Tour has made me an expert at helping people recover from too much sun and heat, so they made it home safely!

I somehow acquired a fan club of Oxfam supporters. I’m not sure how it happened, but I turned my back briefly to be greeted by the three guys below yelling my name. I told them I’d post their photo on our blog, so here we go:

My new boyfriends show their love of Oxfam...

I got to catch part of Fishbone’s set today – very cool!

Warped has been a blast – it was the shortest amount of time we’d spent on the tour (we usually do all of it) but we made the most of our time out here, getting tens of thousands of young supporters involved with Oxfam and ONE, and we also registered hundreds of voters along the way. Brian is taking over things for the next few days – lets hope he makes it!

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