Sunday, August 12, 2007

DMB in DC!

Carlos and I left Pittsburgh yesterday AM and headed out for Bristow. I always like working the venue here – it has a nice layout, and we usually do pretty well. We were lucky to have yet another great volunteer team join us. Nina and Jane were a mom and daughter team that were first time volunteers – they had signed up for info on volunteering at another concert and were excited to join us in supporting ONE. Jane is a lawyer working on a theology degree, and Jane is about to start high school. I always love learning about the diverse backgrounds that our volunteers encompass! We also had Terry, who first joined ONE at Live 8 in London, Eva, who volunteered with us at the DMB shows in Charlottesville last year, and Angelina and Kelly were first time volunteers that rounded out our crew for the evening. They all did a great job, talking to fans for hours and hours and getting them involved and signed up.

DMB fans sign the ONE banner

We also got help from Anne, our official former stalker. She’s not really a stalker, but she is a good buddy of ours and came out to lots of shows when she was a ONE organizer in the Chicago area. Now she has a fancy office in the DC ONE office and doesn’t make it out quite as much, but she jumped at the chance to help us at the Dave show. Afterwards we did the traditional post show dinner/drinks at whatever bad random chain was still open – in this case, Friday’s. Mashed potatoes all the way around…

All in all the night was a big success – we have now signed up over 4,000 DMB fans already, and we are still pretty early into the tour. Carlos and I are driving to Chicago today – I get a day off to catch up on work for most of Monday, then I meet up with Brian to rejoin Warped Tour. Dan and new guy Joe will be covering the Dave shows next week – it should be pretty productive.

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