Saturday, August 11, 2007

DMB in Pittsburgh!

I love doing shows in Pittsburgh. No particular reason why – we just do well, fans are responsive, and we have a killer volunteer team here. Brian came out to join us for the second time this week – he and Jordan were both at the Warped tour date with us two days before. Brian more or less heads up volunteer efforts for ONE locally, and we are very grateful for the fact that he comes out and joins us pretty much every time we are in town! We also had Lyzz and Riva two high school students, and Brad, Jenni and Laura rounded out our team. They powered through the night, and are responsible for the best night we’ve had on the Dave tour yet!

Carlos and I got to the venue earlier than normal, which gave us plenty of time to set up and make fun of Josh. Josh sometimes works with us – he headed up our outreach efforts on DMB last year - and this year he is on the tour doing work for Reverb. Giving him a hard time is a bit of hobby for me and Carlos, so we were glad to have some spare time before the doors opened to engage in our passion.

DMB fans in Pittsburgh join ONE

Once the doors opened we were off and running. The table was busy all night, we talked to tons of cool supporters, many of whom got signed up not only for ONE but also to become a volunteer for the campaign as well. We also have Edun shirts available for supporters this time around, and we are always surprised at how popular they still are!

We’ve got a four hour drive ahead of us, then we’ll be setting up for the Bristow show…

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