Monday, August 27, 2007

Making things a little (RED) on the DMB tour...

ONE/(RED) volunteers
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(RED) joined the ONE Campaign on the Dave Matthews Band Tour this past weekend, getting lots and lots of Milwaukee supporters involved along the way!

Our weekend kicked off with the unveiling our new set up – complete with a (RED) tent, new (RED) postcards, stickers and buttons and other promotional items – we are pretty happy with how it turned out! Our team was excited to bring the (RED) message out to DMB fans – we have spent the past three summers on tour with the band spreading the word about ONE, and know first hand how eager fans are to get involved in the fight against poverty and AIDS.

We had some stellar volunteers join us this weekend to help out. Sando and Alyssa are volunteer Milwaukee area veterans that always come out to help. Alyssa is best known for being the volunteer that once got over 500 people to join ONE at a single Warped Tour date. She hit the ground running in East Troy this weekend, ready to get tons of DMB fans involved with (RED) and ONE! We also were lucky to have a new crew of (RED) volunteers join us – including our super team on Sunday that went to town, getting in the highest average of sign ups we’ve had on the tour yet. A big thanks to everyone who came out and helped us get thousands of Dave fans involved with (RED) and ONE!

DMB fans show their love of ONE and (RED) (and beer...)

It was way cool to have fan after fan come up and show us their (RED) phone, (RED) Converse or (RED) shirt! Getting to spread the word about what (RED) and ONE are working to do is always exciting, but its especially rewarding to know that people across the country are really taking the work of the campaigns and making them their own – we met countless people that are launching projects in their schools, churches and communities to build support for the Global Fund and ONE.

We are looking forward to the month ahead and getting an opportunity to talk to thousands of more people about (RED) and ONE! Stay tune for more updates from the road…

As always, you can check out more photos on our flickr site!

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