Saturday, August 25, 2007

DMB in Detroit

Our New Guy Joe gave us this quick update from a wet night in Detroit:

The day started out just as any other show. We arrived at the venue (formerly known as Pine Knob) and set up in a stretch of wooded area just outside the East gate entrance. The volunteers showed up promptly, some from clear across the state. Dan gave them the training, and with enthusiasm high they all hit the path ready to gain more signups. Then, just before Dave went on the sky became really dark. The show was postponed and the rain came down hard accented by powerful gusts of wind. We all bunkered down under the lowered One tents and held on so they wouldn't fly away. You know you have a great group of volunteers when they help hold down an aluminum tent in a thunder and lightning storm! The adverse weather passed and after the show we were able to gain many more sign ups and One band sales to spread the word. Huge thanks to all our rain soaked volunteers, and especially Mary and Kathryn for gutting it out to the very end.


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