Monday, August 06, 2007

Virgin Festival!

Brian and Jessica took over the Dave shows in Hartford this weekend, while me, Dan, and our new guy Joe headed down to Baltimore for the Virgin Festival. We worked Virgin last year when it was a one day event, and we were excited to get another opportunity to take part, this time over two days. After the initial shock of humidity and heat subsided, we got to work – we did both outreach for ONE and also had a Lokahi voter registration booth as well. We had a lot of success and fun – there are over 2,000 new ONE supporters and 100’s of registered voters as a result of our work, and we got to check out some great sets as well, with the Beastie Boys and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s being the stand out for me at least. We got to also hang out with our friend Extrawack Bob, who was there manning the Oxfam booth. Good times all the way around, and new guy Joe didn’t seem to get scared off, which is always a bonus!

Virgin fans register to vote in the Lokahi booth

We had some cool ONE volunteers join us this weekend as well. On Saturday, Andy and Tracy came out. Andy had recently become involved with ONE, he’s in the Navy and does stuff that sounds way cooler than anything we’ll get to do. We figured it was his military training that kept him going all day strong despite the heat! He also sent us a very nice note on Monday, thanking us for the opportunity and giving us some words of encouragement – something that is always great to hear! Tracy came out on Saturday and Sunday, she’s a recent Southern California transplant living in the Baltimore area. On Sunday we also had Sara, Deidree and Sajid rounding out our team – all are involved with ONE locally. I love learning about what brings volunteers to us – it’s by far one of the most rewarding parts of what I do day in and out!

I’m back off to the Dave tour in Camden – I’ll be working with Jessica while Brian and Joe take over Warped Tour.

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